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Tim X Lee

Sat, Oct 5 at 5:15pm

at The Rendezvous
  • 21+
General Admission
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Join Instagram sensation Tim X Lee for a night of laughter at the Rendezvous. Famous for his hilarious and enlightening content, Tim brings his unique blend of PowerPoint, science, and comedy to the stage, offering an experience that's as educational as it is entertaining. Watch as he transforms complex scientific concepts into belly laughs, using clever slides and witty commentary to break down everything from molecular biology to the mysteries of the cosmos.
This is not just a comedy show; it's a visual and intellectual spectacle. Tim's charismatic delivery and sharp humor make even the most intricate scientific theories accessible and amusing. Whether you're a science lover or just in search of a good laugh, this show promises to deliver both in spades. Prepare to be both enlightened and doubled over with laughter as Tim X Lee proves that science really can be a laughing matter. Don’t miss this perfect blend of brains and banter—get your tickets now!